About the club

The club exists to encourage the enjoyment of the open air and countryside by means of an organised programme of rambles and social events. Since the club is fortunate to be based in such a good walking area, many of the walks take place in the Peak District, but there are some walks and other events which take place further afield. Dogs are welcome on most walks, provided they are kept under control, especially in the vicinity of livestock.

If you are interested in joining the club, it is suggested that you come along on one or two walks to "give it a try". You do not necessarily need a car - you will always be able to get a lift from someone - normally a contribution of 3 (plus a share of any parking fees) is made by each passenger to the driver to cover costs. Membership is 10 single or 17 joint per year. For more information please email or call us on 01298 23441 or 01298 72230.