Risk Management Guidance for Walker Leaders

This document provides supplementary Risk Management Guidance for Walk leaders with reference to the management of potential risks which may be experienced in undertaking a specific walk. The list of potential risks is not to be regarded as finite but is intended as guidance in relation to issues walk leaders should consider before and during the walk, which may require the implementation of appropriate risk management measures

  1. Walk leaders should ensure that the description of the walk, reasonably describes the difficulty of the walk, so that members can make an informed decision on their ability to participate
  2. Walk leaders should be prepared to lower the difficulty of the walk if conditions on the day require it e.g. bad weather. They should only increase the difficulty level e.g. the distance to be walked if all participants are willing and capable of participating at the harder level
  3. Walk leaders should advise the club’s health and safety officer of all significant accidents (i.e. exceptional incidents requiring medical treatment rather than normal cuts and bruises expected on that activity)
  4. The committee should review the risk assessment, management procedures, guidance, and the accident / incident records on an annual basis.
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